Kids Defense Team

I am working on compiling videos for a non-profit organization as part of my home-school community service hours. This project involves me converting children’s awareness books into You Tube format.

There Is A Bully In The Jungle
Pamela J. Tomlinson, Author
Video Production by Griffin @

“There is a Bully in the Jungle” is about a mean monkey bullying all the animals in the jungle. The animals must all come to together to banish the mean monkey from the jungle. This book was written to help all the children and adults out there that may have or still is being bullied by someone. This book is dedicated to you. To the bullies out there that are doing the bullying, you may think you are having fun at some ones expense, but you are causing someone a lifetime of pain. This is something your victims never get over.


Why did this happen to me and how I got RSD
Pamela J. Tomlinson, Author
Video Production by Griffin @

“What are symptoms of RSD/CRPS?  Continuous, intense pain that is out of proportion to the severity of the injury (if an injury occurred) and which gets worse rather than better over time. It most often affects the arms, legs, hands or feet and is accompanied by: “burning” pain; increased skin sensitivity; changes in skin temperature: warmer or cooler compared to the opposite extremity; changes in skin color: often blotchy, purple, pale or red; changes in skin texture: shiny and thin, sometimes excessively sweaty changes in nail and hair growth patterns; swelling and stiffness in affected joint motor disability, with decreased ability to move affected body par.”

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CRPSKidz is dedicated to helping kids with CRPS by a commitment to share my adventure with CRPS. I hope to make others more aware of the pain associated with this disease and to be a source for other kids.


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